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In Focus
In the new Focus section, we answer everyday life questions and discuss topics that are actively discussed on VK.
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Thematic News Feeds: Tuned to Your Interests
Thematic news feeds are an easy way to find posts on a specific topic.
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Verification Made Simple
We’ll tell you how you can get the coveted check mark badge and why it’ll now be easier to find official pages.
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Mini App Contest with 2 Million Rubles in Prizes
The VK Mini Apps platform is accepting mini apps that users will want to use every day.
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New Community Menu: Simple, Attractive, Universal
Setting up content navigation in your community is now easier than ever. A new, attractive community menu is just a few clicks away.
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Share Links in Live Streams
Tell your viewers more about yourself and what you’re interested in by adding links in live streams. Now you can instantly share posts, hold polls, present products and attach links to interesting profiles and communities.
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VK Fellowship: A grant for those who teach coding
Here’s a bit about the VK Fellowship, a grant program for teachers who create their own courses teaching the basics of programming.
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VK Supports Young Artists
We’ve introduced a new way for artists to license their music through VK. Artists can set up an artist overview, post official album releases and earn royalties on our platform.
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First VK Apps Services Contest
The creators of the most useful, high-quality VK Apps services shared a prize pool of 2 million rubles.
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Community Live Covers
Bring your community’s cover to life with cycling photos and videos.
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Comment Threads
Dive into the conversation with easy to manage comment threads.
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VK Hackathon 2018: Art of Coding
400 developers had only 42 hours to create technology projects from scratch. At stake: 1.5 million rubles.
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How we trained neural networks to recognize identification documents
This summer, we taught a neural network to identify and determine which kinds of identification documents were in photos. We did this to protect people from scammers and lighten our colleagues’ workload.
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New Bookmarks
Find it. Save it. Enjoy it.
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Explore VK Podcasts
Discover interesting audio blogs and programs on all sorts of topics, and listen to them whenever you like.
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Captivating Videos
Try out the new mobile video player, now with improved navigation, subtitles and video recommendations.
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VK Business: Everything About Business on VK
We've introduced an educational program, new tools and other features for developing your businesses. Now companies and entrepreneurs can enjoy an ecosystem on VK with everything necessary to develop their own business.
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Privacy Reform
Today we are implementing new privacy settings. Now you can instantly make your profile completely private.
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VK Apps
Introducing VK App, a platform of services designed to make your life easier. Book a taxi or order food right from the VK mobile app.
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Meet the Musicians
Stay up-to-date with new releases and music trends. Introducing convenient artist overviews and an updated search feature in VK Music.
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