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Stories API

Today we are opening access to VK Stories API to everyone. You can create your own app with � photo or video editor in it and upload VK stories using our API methods.

How does it work?

All users, along with verified or flame badge marked communities, can upload Stories using the API.

To work with Stories API, you must provide user authorization in the official VK app via our Android or iOS SDK or by using a token.

Prepare photos or videos and upload them using the stories.getPhotoUploadServer or stories.getVideoUploadServer methods.

The story will be visible to a user's friends and followers for 24 hours in the block above the news feed.

You can track statistics using stories.getStats.

Find the full list of methods regarding how to work with stories here.

How does it look?

The first unofficial app based on the VK Stories API was VK Stories for Android.

The app was created during the early access period to the API. It lets you upload photos and videos with various effects, share stories with friends and keep track of your statistics.

Congratulations to the creator of the app. Great job!

We are sure that you will create a lot of amazing apps for VK Stories. Tell us about your product by sending a message to the API club community at Glory and honor await the creators of the best apps, as does priority access to new API opportunities and a chance to join the VK team.

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