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API versions
For the method ads.getPostsReach, the behavior for when errors occur was changed. They will return for each ad separately.
The method ads.getAdsPostsReach was disabled. ads.getAdsPostsReach should be used in its place.

Support of new types of keys in the bot keyboard.

In the Callback API and LongPoll API, for event message_new, { object: { message, client_info } } will appear instead of { object: message }.
In client_info , there is information about the client that is useful for forming messages using bots.
Story attachments are now available in the methods of the messages section.

Messages that do not fit into the Bots Long Poll API or Callback API will be cropped and tagged is_cropped. If cropping occurs, only one forwarded message or reply, and only one attachment will remain for each message.

For methods ads.createTargetGroup and ads.updateTargetGroup, the parameter lifetime is now required. The parameter can have values from 1 to 720.

Stories in stories.get from the same creator are received in chronological order. In the past, it was the other way around.

The parameter clickable_stickers was added to the methods stories.getPhotoUploadServer and stories.getVideoUploadServer
Wall interaction methods return a new attach snippet for events with the events type.

Covers in the video object are now passed to the image and first_frame fields as video_image object arrays.

Covers in the [|video album� object are now passed to the image field as video_image object arrays.
Parameters limit, count and offset in method messages.deleteConversation are now obsolete.

If successful, the method wall.edit returns post_id � an edited post identifier.
In the methods wall.getComments, market.getComments, photos.getComments, video.getComments, board.getComments, graffiti now has a separate attach type.

Methods market.add, market.edit can be passed the parameter url. The market object can now return url and button_title.
wall.createComment method returns new error "222: 2Hyperlinks are forbidden".
wall.getComments method returns new fields: comment_id (integer), current_level_count (integer).
wall.createComment method returns new parents_stack (array) field.
wall.getComment method has been added.

Wall comment object contains new parents_stack (array), thread (object) fields. deleted (boolean) field can be returned if the comment is deleted.

Replies (reply_message) and forwarded messages (fwd_messages) have been separated in the message object.

is_favorite (boolean) field can be returned in ������ �� �����, �����������, ������ objects.
account.getBanned method returns profiles (array) and groups (array) fields. method returns a result in new format.

random_id parameter in messages.send method is obligatory.
New required fields have been added to user object:
  • is_closed (boolean) � is profile closed by privacy;
  • can_access_closed (boolean) � if current user can see users profile when is_closed = true.
Affects methods users.get,
messages.removeChatUser method returns new error "935: User not found in chat".
Affects methods messages.removeChatUser
Values for the wall field of community object have been changed:
  • 2 � wall is restricted;
  • 3 � wall is closed.
5.86 method returns an array of conversation objects if extended parameter is set to 1.

Changes in stats.get method:
  • date_from and date_to parameters are obsolete. timestamp_from ans timestamp_to to be used instead � integers representing Unix timestamp.
  • New stats_groups parameter has been added. It allows to filter separate blocks in statistics. Possible values: visitors, reach, activity.
  • period_from and period_to are integers representing Unix timestamp.
Affects methods, stats.get
App object has new values in type field:
  • app � social app;
  • game � game;
  • site � third-party website;
  • standalone � standalone app;
  • vk_app � VK App ����������
  • community_app � community application;
  • html5_game � HTML5 game.
is_html5_app field will not be returned.

messages.getConversationMembers method can return new 917 error.

Polls API changes:
messages.getChatPreview method returns maximum of 5 chat members. messages.getConversationMembers returns can_kick (boolean) field for conversation members.

New can_close (boolean) and can_open (boolean) fields can be returned in wall post object for comments.
graffiti and audio_message attachment types could be returned in a message object. Conversation object can contain acl field.
New is_group_channel (boolean) field returns for community channels in the objects/conversation object. stories.get method returns stories in a reversal order.
Affects methods stories.get
messages.removeChatUser method takes new member_id (integer) parameter. New Bots Longpoll and Callback API event has been added.
groups.getSettings method now returns "events" field.
Affects methods groups.getSettings
New photo object format.
End of XML format support
stats.get method returns response in the new format.

API version has been added to Callback and Long Poll API. It affects the format of events.
Affects methods stats.get
New format of stickers object. method returns all documents in items array: users documents first and documents from global search after them.

New error: ������ 29: Rate limit reached
groups.getBanned method returns an information about communities in the blacklist.
Affects methods groups.getBanned
New chat_invite_user_by_link value has been supported in the action field of the message object.

update_time field has been added in the message object., wall.editAdsStealth, wall.edit, wall.repost methods can return a new error 224 � too many ads posts.

New event message_edit has been added in Callback API.
messages.getLongPollHistory method returns communities data in the separate groups array. and search.getHints methods return suggested_queries field with search suggestions.

messages.send may return new errors 913 and 921.

friends.getRequests method returns new count_unread field.

search.getHints method takes new offset parameter.

Additional trending field may be returned in the user and community objects.

action field in message object can contain chat_pin_message/chat_unpin_message values.

New events have been added in Callback API, adding user into blacklist and deleting user from it, user_block and user_unblock.
groups_can_post field with information whether communities can comment the post has been in post object.
messages.send returns an array of statuses when user_ids parameter is used and community access token was passed.
groups.getCallbackServerSettings, groups.setCallbackServerSettings and groups.setCallbackServer are obsolete.
server_id parameter has been added in methods groups.setCallbackSettings, groups.getCallbackSettings.
wall.createComment method supports community ID in from_group parameter.

chat object has no users array if it is empty.

auth.signup method has new required birthday parameter.
audio.getAlbums, audio.addAlbum, audio.editAlbum, audio.addAlbum, audio.deleteAlbumaudio.moveToAlbum are deprecated.

auth.restore method has new required last_name parameter.
messages.getLongPollServer method has new lp_version parameter.
ads.getCategories method returns response in a new format.
wall.edit method cannot be used for edit a promotion post. wall.editAdsStealth method should be used instead.
messages.getDialogs method returns unanswered and important fields for community dialogs.

groups.getCallbackSettings method returns wall_repost field. method returns error 15 if wallpost = 1 parameter is used and the application dont have wall permission.
Views field with views number has been added in objects describing wall posts.

Fields parameter is now supported in wall.getComments and video.getComments methods.

Shortened link in utils.getLinkStats method returns in new format with following fields:
  • access_key � access key for private stats;
  • key � link key (characters after "");
  • url � full URL.
messages.getHistoryAttachments method returns message_id field. User object has a new value of relationship status (8 � "in a civil union").
Community object contains new cover field. account.getCounters method takes a new value friends_suggestions in the filter parameter. pages.get checks whether the user has administrator rights for using the need_source parameter.
account.getInfo method returns an additional 2fa_required field for accounts with 2FA. Restriction for the feed parameter has been added in photos.get method.

button field has a new structure for attachments with link type.
Images sizes requeriments for advertisments has been updated. See this page for a further information.
Fields names and image sizes for icons and banners has been changed in the app object.
Affects methods apps.get, apps.getCatalog
HTTPS-only. API requests using this version or later must be made over https.
can_message, ban_info, can_post, can_upload_doc, can_upload_video, can_see_all_posts, can_create_topic, is_favorite, is_hidden_from_feed fields in a community object are returned for the requests including access_token only.
Returns new objects with market and market_album type in message and wall attachments.
account.setInfo method use name and value parameters instead separate parameters.
Affects methods account.setInfo
messages.getHistory method can use rev parameter with start_message_id parameter. start_message_id can be equal 0. friends.edit method return error if specified wrong value of list_ids parameter: Code: 100, Message: invalid list_ids.
messages.send and messages.sendSticker methods use random_id parameter instead guid. account.getPushSettings return peer_id field instead chat_id and user_id. account.setSilenceMode method use peer_id parameter instead chat_id and user_id. messages.getHistoryAttachments method return market items, posts and comments like link attachments.
Returns new fields for message attachments with link type: caption, is_external, product, application, rating and button.
docs.get, docs.getById methods return preview fields instead photo_100, photo_130 fields. messages.searchDialogs method returns groups in response.
Allow only positive integers for out, time_offset, filters parameters in messages.get method. message_ids is required parameter for messages.getById method.
gifts.get method may returns negative value in from_id field. notifications.get returns notifications about mentions in photo descriptions.
Affects methods gifts.get, notifications.get
notifications.get method returns notifications about new market comment replies. newsfeed.getComments method returns new comments for market items. wall.get,, wall.getById methods return market_album in attachments.
Support fields parameter for user profiles
Returns new fields for attachments with link type: caption, is_external, product, application, rating and button.
apps.getapps.getCatalog methods returns photo object for screenshots fields. Add in_read, out_read fields in response of messages.getDialogs, messages.getHistory and messages.getLongPollHistory methods. Add peer_id parameter for messages.send, messages.sendSticker, messages.deleteDialog, messages.setActivity and messages.getHistory methods.
Returns photo object for attachments with link type instead image_srcimage_big fields.
Added input parameters: app_ids, return_friends. Added installed, screenshots fields.
Affects methods apps.get
New methods for apps activity are added.
The error will be returned if the access to video comments is restricted.
Affects methods video.getComments
messages.getLongPollHistory accepts fields field.
New form of friends.delete method
Affects methods friends.delete
Switch to start_from, next_from in notifications.get method
Affects methods notifications.get
newsfeed.getSuggestedSources return result as list now
Correct errors in apps.sendRequest method
Affects methods apps.sendRequest
wall_publish event type is added. When suggested user post is accepted, user gets this notification.
Affects methods notifications.get
Pass photo_sizes parameter to method photos.saveOwnerPhoto to get all photo sizes.

Method newsfeed.getComments parameter was changed to have an ability to limit comments count.

New ability to get possible members of event in method groups.getMembers.
uid field in video.getTags is replaced with user_id.
Affects methods video.getTags
Wiki page in post is returned as page object.
A new need_source parameter was added for method pages.get, source field isnt returned by default now.
Group fields start_date and finish_date became numbers (were strings).
If friend filter is enabled, field user_id is returned instead of uid.
Method fave.getLinks returns images with names photo_50 and photo_100 instead of image_src and image_middle.
Return values are renamed: reply_to_uid to reply_to_user, reply_to_cid to reply_to_comment.
New notification types in notifications.get: mention_comment_photo and mention_comment_video.
Affects methods notifications.get
Schools field is divided into two fields: schools and universities. Their id field is correct now.
New extended parameter was added for method to return additional information about the user or community that placed the post.
Method friends.areFriends was updated, sign field generation algorithm was changed: user id is added to id.
Note object presentation was fixed for newsfeed.get and newsfeed.getRecommeded: id and comments are returned now.
In messages.getDialogs method unread parameter was added, only dialogs with unread inbound messages are returned if it is passed. Count of such dialogs was added in method result as unread_dialogs field (if positive) and count of unread inbound messages is returned for each dialog in unread field (if positive).

In messages.getHistory method rev parameter is not available to use with start_message_id parameter, behaviour of start_message_id and its link with offset has changed, count of unread inbound messages was added to result in unread field (if positive) and count of skipped messages when using start_message_id was added to result in skipped field (if positive).
New param for pagination: start_from and returning field next_from.
New error types in audio.get, video.get.
New param for pagination: start_from and returning field next_from.
If name changing completed successful name_request field returns status = success.
Affects methods account.saveProfileInfo
In messages.get method only two values for filter param are valid, 0 (all incoming or all outgoing messages, selected by out field) or 8 (important messages), other values are ignored.
messages.markAsNew method is not supported anymore.
Field cid changed to id in newsfeed.getComments.
new format for video object in notifications.get method.
friends.getLists list object now, list_id instead id.
board.getTopics ��polls in new format now.
audio.getAlbums and video.getAlbumsid instead album_id.
audio.getRecommendations, friends.getSuggestions � list object now.
groups.getMembers � list object now.
places.getCheckinsuser_id instead uid in checkins objects.
Fields city and country in fields return object instead of id.
New format of posts:
to_id instead of owner_id
reply_post_id instead of reply_to in copy_history field
Field post_type returns post instead of copy for reposts.
For grouped notifications (users liked, shared, followed, ..) in feedback field full count of users is returned, not only some of their last identifiers.
Affects methods notifications.get
In all methods that return people objects, photo, photo_medium_rec fields were renamed to photo_50, photo_100.
In wall attachment from and copy_owner fields return as user or community object, not array.
Field id instead of pid, new edited and created fields format
Affects methods pages.get
Feedback object update: owner_id was changed to from_id.
Affects methods notifications.get
Fix photos_list attachment. (photo_list before). Some other fixes that was not implemented in api 5.0
Global api update, affecting all methods. view changelist
Affects methods wall.get
Photos_list attach new format.
New response format, object with liked and copied fields.
Affects methods likes.isLiked
New reposting format. Can contain nested reposts.
Affects methods wall.get, wall.getById
No album link in post text when album is attached.
Empty message body in change chat photo service messages.
Allow to broadcast audio to the users status or to any group administrated by current user.
First element of result represents total count of elements
Affects methods photos.getAlbums
online and reply_count fields were removed
Affects methods wall.get
First element of result represents total count of elements
Affects methods
Comments format changed, all methods returns them in the same way now
Links attached to messages now represented as attachment objects, not link in message text
Response fields changed from users and uid to items and item
Affects methods likes.getList
First element of result represents total count of elements
Changed uid meaning in some cases. Now it represents message sender.
Affects methods messages.getHistory
Represent gifts as special object, not as attached document anymore
Changes comments view, making them like comments in other methods
Affects methods notifications.get
Marks anonymous polls with anonymous field, without changing public polls title.
Affects methods polls.getById
First element of result represents total count of elements
Returns comment attachments
Returns object, containing users and groups, related to found posts
Affects methods
chat_active field returns as array, not string.
First element of result represents total count of elements.
Affects methods photos.get
offset and count could be only positive

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